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Old Ways

We live in a strange time as far as historic beer trends go. It is not unusual to walk into a craft beer bar to find a wall of beers available which, in many instances, are at the extremes of the brewing spectrum. Whilst these beers have certainly found their place and their audience in modern society, it has been at the expense of more traditional beer styles. To dismiss these traditional styles as somehow ‘boring’ or ‘uninspired’ is short-sighted, as anyone who has found themselves drinking a beer in the monks’ halls of Salzburg, in the beer gardens of Prague, or in the fields of Westvleteren are well aware.

 It is our belief that there is space in the market for both the new world and the old world styles, and that our contribution focusing on traditional beer styles and brewing techniques will allow for greater options for the consumer. Therefore, our aim is to independently produce the highest quality lagers and ales, inspired by centuries of European tradition, produced in small batches to be enjoyed by all, craft beer connoisseurs and the population at large alike.

At Hodfellows, our brewing ethos is to take the lessons of the past and apply them to our product offerings, crafting unique beers with no compromise on flavour. We are a small but passionate producer, manufacturing low volumes in ways that pay tribute primarily to the great beers of Europe, we hope you enjoy our contribution to the craft beer market.

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