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The Beers

Little Pils This pale mid-strength beer is brewed with 100% Pilsner malt and features Hallertau hops. It features a very delicate taste, with a spicy aroma and hop bitterness balancing the pilsner malt profile.
Pilsner The beer is a typical bavarian style pilsner, using only pilsner malt and hopped with a blend of noble hops.
Helles Brewed as an easy drinking, pale lager, this is a full bodied beer with only low hop bitterness. The word ‘helles’, or ‘hell’ when translated from German. means ‘bright’, ‘light’ or ‘pale’.
Vienna Lager The recipe used for this beer dates back to 1841, and is based on the original Vienna lager recipe developed by Anton Dreher. Brewed using Vienna malt and saaz hops, this beer has a rich, bready malt profile.
Dunkel The term ‘Dunkel’ translates from German as ‘Dark’, this dark lager focuses on a strong malt profile an moderate hop bitterness. Brewed from Munich malt and featuring tettnang hops.
Smoked LagerBrewed using a portion of malt which has been kilned over beechwood, giving the beer a smoky, complex flavour profile. Based on a typical Bamberg-style smoked lager, a region in Germany renowned for producing smoked beers.
FESTBierThis beer style, historically brewed for Oktoberfest, features a blend of Pilsner, Munich and Vienna malts as well as Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. The result is a beer with a malty, bready flavour profile, balanced by the spicy, herbal aroma and flavour of the hops.
WeissBierOn Tap Now, ask in the brewery
SaisonOn tap now, ask in the brewery
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